E-NOTIFY SYSTEM - Sign Up For Emergency Notifications

E-NOTIFY SYSTEM - Sign Up For Emergency Notifications

Enter Your Phone Number To Receive Township Emergency Notifications

In an effort to keep residents and businesses aware of emergency events, College Township and the College Township Water Authority have initiated GeoDecision's e-Notify System. This system will allow the municipality and Water Authority to contact you in the case of an emergency, such as a severe weather alert, road closure, waterline break, missing child, flood/fire, etc. Enter your applicable address and phone numbers into the database - no names are required. Your phone information is not used for any other purpose than to contact you in the event of an event or severe weather condition or water system emergency that could affect you and/or your family. e-Notify will call all who are registered and are affected by an event in order to provide important emergency information. 

Key Uses for the e-Notify System:

  • Unsafe drinking water advisories
  • Boil water advisories
  • Street closures
  • HAZMAT situations
  • Evacuation notices
  • Fire/flood notifications
  • Severe weather alerts
  • Missing children
  • Neighborhood crime watch
  • Terrorism threats
  • Hydrant flushing notifications
  • Conserve water notifications
  • Water shutoff notifications
  • Planned outage notifications
  • School delay/closure notifications

      If you haven't already registered,  CLICK HERE to sign up for the Township's instant alert notification system, e-Notify.