Dale Summit Area Plan

Dale Summit Area Plan

College Township will utilize this page to provide information on the development of the Dale Summit Area Plan.  Please check back frequently for updates.

In 2017, College Township engaged 4Ward Planning Incorporated, to evaluate its existing General Industrial and General Commercial zoning districts, and provide recommendations for their modification. A primary goal of the College Township Commercial and Industrial Zoning Analysis, which was completed in July 2019, was to “develop market-feasible zoning recommendations and identify redevelopment opportunities within the Nittany Mall, which had been losing major retail anchors in recent years.”

The College Township Commercial and Industrial Zoning Analysis by 4Ward Planning Incorporated can be viewed HERE. The studied zoning districts were located in an area known by some locally as Dale Summit. The Dale Summit Area of College Township represents a complex transect of land uses that have resulted in development patterns that to an extent have fragmented its overall sense of place. As a result, the larger Dale Summit Area is currently best identified by its proximity to the Nittany Mall.

Upon review of the College Township Commercial and Industrial Zoning Analysis, Council and staff recognized that before significant changes to the regulations within these respective zoning districts could occur, the Township must first consider how those changes would work in concert to better define Dale Summit area as a recognizable place in the community. It was determined that the best way to reframe this effort was through the development of a Dale Summit Area Plan

The Dale Summit Area Plan will aim to answer the following fundamental questions:

  • What is Dale Summit today?
  • What should Dale Summit be in the future?
  • What steps should be taken to realize the vision for the future of Dale Summit?
Please click on the image below to view the general Dale Summit Area Plan study boundaries:
General DSAP Boundaries - Copy

Please click on the image below to learn more about the Draft Dale Summit Area Plan:
Presentation Cover - Copy
Questions on the Dale Summit Area Plan should be directed to the following staff: 
Lindsay Schoch, AICP - Principal Planner
Mike Bloom, Management Analyst