College Township Industrial Development Authority (CTIDA)

College Township Industrial Development Authority (CTIDA)

The College Township Industrial Development Authority (CTIDA) was organized in 1972 to alleviate 
problems involving unemployment, blight, and air and water pollution. The Authority encourages
the development of business opportunities by backing financing for the construction,improvement, rehabilitation, 
and revitalization of manufacturing, and research and development enterprises.

A total of six (6) Township residents are appointed as full Directors on the CTIDA Board for staggered, 
five-year terms. Two additional appointees serve as Alternate Directors, also with five-year terms and full
voting rights.

The Authority meets on the third Wednesday of each month at 9:30 a.m. at the College 
Township Municipal Building. The Authority collects fees on projects and has its own assets. 
The CTIDA is autonomous, thus, all of its actions are independent of the College Township Council, 
although certain types of financing must be authorized by the Council following an advertised public hearing.

CTIDA Address:  
                       College Twp. Industrial Development Authority
                       1481 E. College Avenue
                       State College, PA  16801
                       (814) 206-9224

2019 Industrial Development Authority Directors:

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Alison Kurtz, Chair
Bill Sharp, Vice Chair
Anne Stuart, Treasurer
David Wasson, Asst. Treasurer
Sara J. Parks, Ph.D., Secretary
Ray Forziat , Asst. Secretary
Benson Lichtig 
Greg Koehle (alternate)
Lamar Kunes (alternate)

CTIDA Solicitor for 2019: Jeffrey Stover of Stover McGlaughlin