Zoning Department

Zoning Department

***IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR GENERAL CONTRACTORS, PERMITTEES AND PROPERTY OWNERS Re: May 29, 2020 Green Phase, State Reopening Restrictions Under COVID-19 Emergency. Click here for details.

The College Township Zoning Office is staffed by dedicated individuals committed to serving your zoning needs. The Zoning Department is open from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday and can be reached at 814-231-3021. You can email any Zoning Department staff member by clicking his/her name below.

Lindsay Schoch | Principal Planner
Mark Gabrovsek | Zoning Officer
Frank Scott | Sr. Ordinance Enforcement Officer
Susan Hetzel | Sr. Support Specialist | Zoning


Application for Building Permit Packet - College Township is part of the Centre Region Council of Government (CRCG). Most construction within College Township requires a Zoning Permit before going to the Centre Region Building Code Office. However, normal maintenance activities, such as painting, roof shingle/tin replacement, and other minor repairs do not require a zoning permit. Please contact the College Township Zoning Officer if you question whether permits are required.

Building Permits are a two-step process within the Centre Region Council of Government group. Step 1: Municipal Zoning Permit is required prior to submission to CRCG. Step 2: Submission to CRCG, Building Code Application is the Original Application and documents, with completed Zoning approvals, a copy of the Zoning Permit, and other documents as may be required by CRCG.
Checklist - Under 600 Square Feet
Checklist – Packet Residential Documents for SubmissionUnder 600 SF Informative Documents

CHECKLIST/PACKET of generally required submission documents for – All New Construction with Area over 600 sq. ft. – Floodplain within 100 ft. – Wetland Area on Property – Change of Grades as Stipulated in Chapter 200-50 - Rental Homes - Home Occupations ~and~  Non-Residential Interior Alterations, etc.

CHECKLIST – All other Construction
CHECKLIST – All other Construction
Checklist- Packet All other Constr. OVER 600 SF Impervious & Other non-residential
Informative Documents Over 600 SF and All Other Construction