What is Stormwater?
What is stormwater and why is management of stormwater so important?

Stormwater is the runoff produced by precipitation events such as a summer rainstorm or a winter blizzard.

Stormwater Management
When land is developed the amount of stormwater runoff may be increased in two ways. The increase in runoff may be in the peak rate of flow and in the volume of flow from the developed area. The increase in runoff created by development can have harmful impacts to streams.

To prevent any adverse impacts, College Township Township requires new development to provide a program of stormwater management.

Reduce Stormwater on Your Property
Homeowners can reduce stormwater run off on their property by following a few simple tips:

MS4(1) Keep lawns and vegetation dense to reduce runoff.
(2) Limit any application of fertilizers and pesticides, especially during late fall and winter.
(3) Set mower height to 3 inches or taller to insure a more extensive grass root system.
(4) Be sure to keep any fertilizers and pesticides off of paved surfaces like your driveway and sidewalks.
(5) Remember that all liquids and debris that are on paved surfaces will end up in the storm drain after it rains. This will eventually end up in a local stream.
(6) Wash cars only in the grass to prevent runoff of the soap into the storm drain.

Homeowners can download a guide to stormwater management online at Residents can use the guide to create a plan for their property. The guide also contains information on best management practices, including rain gardens, rain barrels and pervious pavers.

Stormwater Information
Here, you will find links to the College Township Stormwater Management Ordinance, information on stormwater management practices that can be implemented by home owners, DEP Best Management Practices, and other resources. This information is being provided to help protect the streams of the Township.

For more information on stormwater issues in the Centre Region, please visit the MS4 partners website –

The Centre Region MS4 Partners have developed a Joint Pollution Reduction Plan (PRP) for Spring Creek, Slab Cabin Run, Buffalo Run, Logan Branch and the Chesapeake Bay. A copy of that plan can be seen by clicking here.

When it Rains, It Drains - this pamphlet will help you understand stormwater and how it affects your health, safety and welfare.  Download here.
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