A Message from Our Council Chair

Dustin Best

Greetings Residents of College Township! 

I am honored to serve this Township as Council Chair. While Chair Stilson’s departure was unexpected and she takes with her a deep breadth of experience and qualities, rest assured your Council remains filled with likewise talented and dedicated individuals.  This Council continues to be steadfast to our Vision and dedicated to fulfilling our Mission. 

If you have not yet read the document which contains these above items, I urge you to take a minute. I personally see this as a binding document between Council and the residents of College Township. This is a promise to you that we will always work hard, listen, strive to uphold the good, and improve upon what is needed. 

As part of this commitment, this website exists as a resource to you. It is intended to both inform and aide in reaching out to your local officials. We hope that it is both easy to use and efficient in its manner. 

As always, we welcome all feedback into this resource and on any topic or issue which is facing the township.  

Faithfully serving, 

Your humble Chairman, Dustin Best

College Township Mission/Vision Statement