Pedestrian Facilities Master Plan

The 60-day Public Input Period for the Pedestrian Facilities Master Plan concluded on September 30th. After review of the raw data, College Township is pleased to report that the input period garnered 313 individual comments with 280 of those comments related to facilities or concerns within the boundaries of College Township.

The following are links to two spreadsheets that document those comments on facilities or concerns within College Township:

Comments received for facilities or issues outside of College Township will be forwarded to those respective municipalities and the Centre Regional Planning Agency.

Public Accessible Online Mapping Application

Additionally, staff has compiled the results into a public accessible online mapping application.


In summary, the results from this public input period remain consistent with the comments received during the previous input period for the 2018 Sidewalk Master Plan. Significant interest remains for development and/or improvement of facilities within the following corridors:

  • Branch Road
  • College Avenue
  • Elmwood Street
  • Houserville Road
  • Pike Street
  • Puddintown Road

The public input received will be used to inform the Implementation section of the forthcoming Draft Pedestrian Facilities Master Plan. It is envisioned that the Implementation section will include a project listing that is both categorized and prioritized for potential inclusion in future iterations of College Township's 5-year Capital Improvement Program and Budget. The highest priority improvements are also expected to be included in an update to the College Township Official Map.

Staff remains committed to presenting a Draft Pedestrian Facilities Master Plan to Council before the end of 2021. Please check back frequently for updates on the status of the Draft Pedestrian Facilities Master Plan. A second Public Input Period will be conducted once the Draft Plan is complete.

While the formal input period has closed, College Township Council and staff still welcome your input on any concerns or thoughts on how to improve the pedestrian network in the future.

Comments or Questions

To submit comments or for any questions regarding the development of the Pedestrian Facilities Master Plan, please email Lindsay Schoch, Principal Planner, or call her at 814-231-3021.