Participating in Upcoming Meetings

College Township conducts business through its Council and Authorities, Boards and Commissions (ABCs) at public meetings that are scheduled either on a regular or as-needed basis.

College Township offers both in-person and virtual meeting attendance for all public meetings.  To attend in-person, meetings will be held at the Municipal Building, 1481 E. College Avenue, State College PA, 16801, 2nd Floor Meeting Room.  Virtual participation by the Zoom platform.  Registration is required. Registration information is available on the agenda for each individual meeting.  Click here to access the agenda center.

Remote / Hybrid Meeting Participation

An alternate way to view a CT Council Meeting or Planning Commission Meeting live is on Comcast Channel 7 or on the YouTube Channel - CNetCentreCounty

To simplify meeting management and to ensure that all attendees have equal ability to participate, the Chat feature has been disabled on the Zoom platform.

Members of the public that may wish to speak to SPECIFIC agenda items "DURING" the meeting are asked to use the "raise hand" feature.

For attendees on a computer: Click the participants button at the bottom of the screen and the raise hand feature will located at the bottom of the participant panel. Windows users may also click Alt +Y shortcut to raise your hand, Mac users can click Option + Y.

For attendees on a smartphone: The Raise Hand icon will either be located at the bottom of your screen or it can be found under the More Icon, which may display as 3 dots.

For attendees on a telephone:  Please dial *9 to raise your hand.

The chair or meeting moderator will recognize members of the public that have raised their hand to speak. At that time, you will be asked to unmute to speak, introduce yourself by stating your name and where you reside before providing comments. When finished offering comment, please mute your line.

Should anyone experience any audio or video difficulties during this meeting, a direct telephone number was included within the agenda. Please refer to the agenda to find the phone numbers.