5-Year Capital Improvement Program (CIP)

The 5-Year Capital Improvement Program (CIP) is updated annually and is a very important part of the Council's long-range planning. Any improvement that will replace, maintain or increase the value of the township's equipment, facilities, infrastructure, and other real property is defined as a capital improvement. For an item to be included in the CIP, it must cost at least $5,000.

Beginning with the 2024-2028 CIP, Section 1  includes a Strategic Summary. This matrix provides an overview of the Township’s Mission and Vision Statements, which when joined with Values and Goals, set the framework of the Township’s operational existence and aspirational intentions. The Values and Goals are then aligned with Objectives and Operational & Capital Implementation Steps, which identify incremental actions that the Township can take through the CIP and Annual Budget to achieve its goals.

Section 2 of the CIP contains the Project Funding Analysis showing the Major Categories and the anticipated funding source to cover the proposed expenditures.

Section 3 contains a Summary of Planned Capital Improvements by Major Categories throughout the  timeframe. This section includes projects in the following categories: Public Works, Parks and Recreation, Land Acquisition, Technology and Regional Plan. Each category will include a detailed description of each planned project.

Section 4 contains a “Look Ahead” matrix that provides Council with a number of issues that staff has identified on the horizon spanning across College Township, the Centre Region Council of Governments and CATA that could have significant impacts of future budget years.

Further, this matrix identifies possible responses or needs and attempts to project a possible budget impact year or years.

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