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Submission Instructions

Special Note Re: College Township Water Authority

When submitting a plan for review by staff for the planning commission, you must also submit, if applicable, to the college township water authority for resolution of any outstanding water line issues.

Planning Commission Submission

When submitting a plan for planning commission review, please provide copies as required on the application for plan review and also provide a digital copy of the plan for uploading to our web page, for the pc submission, and for our projector equipment. Please see the revised application for plan review below for current plan submission requirements

Council Submission

When submitting plans for review at a college township council meeting, please have plan submission into the engineering department two (2) weeks prior to the meeting date that you plan to attend. Again, please submit a digital copy for projection equipment at the council meeting you plan on attending. You can email the plan or if the plan is too large, feel free to use "we transfer" or "dropbox."

Plan Submission for Signatures

When submitting a plan for signature, the township requires a full set of the final revised plan in paper in addition to the signature page for recording. Please submit your plan for signature to allow enough time to obtain signatures before your recording deadline. At times it may take up to three weeks to obtain pc and council signatures due to individuals' schedules, vacations, etc. If you have any questions, please contact the engineering department at Phone Number: 231-3021.

*Within 10-days after the Recorder of Deeds has properly recorded the subdivision or land development plan, a paper copy and an electronic copy, in a suitable format to the Township, shall be forwarded to the Engineering Secretary by the applicant, including the endorsement of the Recorder of Deeds. A complete electronic package of all related documents shall also be submitted by the applicant at this time and shall include transportation reports, stormwater reports, all related maps or plan sheets, as well as any other documentation requested by the Township. An applicant may request an extension to the aforementioned 90-days pursuant to payment of fees for such as noted in §A203-14 of the Township Ordinance

The DSAME form may be required under the Township Stormwater Ordinance. Do not forget to attach the required Appendix "A" to the document before recording. If you have any questions regarding this form, please feel free to contact our engineering team.

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