Overview of Township Government

Overview of Township Government

College Township is a Township of the Second Class, as designated by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  As such, many of the structures of our local government are set in accordance with the Commonwealth's Second Class Township Code.

College Township is structured as an "optional charter" municipality under the provisions of the Second Class Township Code.  The optional charter status allows for a Council-manager form of government and designates its elected officials as "councilpersons" as opposed to "township supervisors".

College Township has a total of five members of Council.  They are elected at large throughout the Township for four year terms.  These terms are staggered, meaning that three members are elected in one year and two in the following year.

College Township is one of six members of the Centre Region Council of Governments (COG).  Through the COG, a variety of program services are provided to participating members that would otherwise be performed by an individual municipality.  COG services include planning services, code inspection, parks and recreation maintenance and programming, senior programs, and fire protection.  Because many community projects require broad-based participation for their funding, COG also serves as the lead entity for discussion of these matters.  Funding for the new library is a good example of how COG is involved with these type projects.

In addition to elected officials, the Township depends upon citizen volunteers to provide support to the Council through participation in a variety of authorities, boards and commissions (ABCs).  Citizen volunteers are appointed by Council to serve on the planning commission, zoning hearing board, water authority, parks & recreation committee, and local traffic advisory committee, to name a few.  Citizen volunteers are also called upon to serve in a variety of regional capacities, such as representing the Township on the University Area Joint Authority  and CATA (bus transportation) board.  Without the expertise and dedication of our citizen volunteers, local government could not hope to manage the broad diversity of issues impacting our Township. 

Please go to "Authorities, Boards & Commissions" on the webpage menu to learn about all our ABCs and how you can apply your time and talents to serving your community.

The activities of both elected officials and appointed citizen volunteers are supported by a dedicated group of Township employees.  Presently, there are a total of 30 full-time and two part-time township employees.  The township manager is responsible for seeing that the day-to-day business of the Township is completed and takes policy direction from the Council.  The manager is assisted in this task by three department heads - the director of finance, the director of public works, and the township engineer.