Parks and Recreation Committee

Parks and Recreation Committee

thumbnail_New_Dalevue_Playground_Equipment_WebThe Parks and Recreation Committee is made up of nine  (9) members. Members hold office for terms of five (5)  years. The members are volunteer citizens, appointed by Council and must reside in the Township. Parks and Recreation holds typically six regularly scheduled meetings annually (January, March, April, May, June, September and October). Meetings are normally held on the third Monday at 7:00 p.m. Parks and Recreation provides advice to Council regarding the maintenance and development of parkland owned by the municipality. Parks and Recreation annually produces a five-year development plan for existing parks. The objective is to provide recreational and park setting opportunities for groups throughout the year.

Parks and Rec Committee welcomes Janet Sulzer!  


Bike Paths, 4 miles;
Cairns Crossing, 104 Gaslight Circle, neighborhood park;
Dale Park, 413 Goldfinch Drive, regional park;
Fieldstone Park, 120 Florence Way, neighborhood park;
Fogleman Fields at Houserville Elem. School, 211 Scholl St., regional park;
Glenn Park, 125 Shady Drive;
Gordon D. Kissinger Meadow 11 acres, Branch Road, meadow.
Harris Acres Parklet, 410 W. Hubler Road, neighborhood park;
Lemont Elem. School, Elmwood St., school park;
Limerock Terrace Parklet, Limerock Terrace
Millbrook Marsh Nature Center, 614 Puddintown Road, regional park;
Mountainside Park, 575 Matilda Avenue, neighborhood park;
Nittany Orchards Park, 247 Cortland Circle, neighborhood park;
Nittany Terrace Park, off Jay Lane, neighborhood park;
Oak Hall Park, 120 Linden Hall Road, regional park;
Oak Grove Park, 100 Villandry Blvd., neighborhood park;
Panorama Open Space, Panorama Village
Penn Hills Park
Nittany Orchard Park 
Hills Park, 2601 Penbrook Lane, neighborhood park;
Shamrock, 828 Shamrock Ave., neighborhood park;
Slab Cabin Overlook
Slab Cabin Park, 150 Slab Cabin Park Rd., regional park
Spring Creek Park, 151 Spring Creek Park Rd., regional park;
Spring Creek Estates Park, neighborhood/HOA park;
Stoney Batter Natural Area, end of Mt. Nittany Road, neighborhood park;
Thompson Woods Parklet, 810 Walnut Spring Lane, neighborhood park; and
Thompson Woods Preserve, 929 Walnut Spring Lane, regional park.

Not only does the Park and Recreation Committee keep a watchful eye over our parks, members are also involved in reviewing recreation and open space plans for new developments and making recommendations to the Township Planning Commission. They are very involved in the planning of Township bike paths and were involved in making recommendations to Council on the Township's Official Map,which identifies future parkland and open space needs.

2018 College Township Parks & Recreation Committee:

Judi Sittler, Chair (Parks: Cairns Crossing, Gordon D. Kissinger Meadow (shared))
Jude Simpson, Vice-Chair (Parks: Bike Paths, Slab Cabin Overlook, Spring Creek Park (shared))
Derek Kalp (Parks: Fogleman Fields, Mountainside, Spring Creek Estates, Spring Creek Park (shared))
Janet Sulzer  (Parks: Fieldstone, Harris Acres, Panorama Village; Gordon D. Kissinger Meadow (shared)
Kathleen Matason (Parks: CRPR, Millbrook Marsh (shared))
David Schulte (Parks: Dalevue, Gordon D. Kissinger Meadow (shared) Mt. Nittany Terrace ;
Stephen Mitchell  (Parks: Nittany Orchard, Penn Hills, Oak Grove)
Earl Moore (Parks: Thompson Woods Preserve, Thompson Woods Parklet, Shamrock, Slab Cabin)
Sue Smith (Parks: Limerock Parklet, Glenn Park; Stoney Batter

Meeting Schedule for 2018