Rutgers/Struble Rezoning Report Novmber 2017


Hilltop/Hendricks/Mitchell Rezoning issue discusssed at March 4, 2014 PC Meeting; recommendations made to Council; going to council March 20, 2014

Barn Brewing Rezoning Report(2).pdf This rezoning was passed by Council at their February 20, 2014 meeting and public hearing.

University Planned District (UPD) Rezoning Penn State University's request to have a 4.7 acre portion of UPD Subdistrict 5 be rezoned to UPD Subdistrict 9. The area is located at the corner of Curtin Road and University Drive. The purpose of this redrawing of the Subdistrict boundaries is to shift the focus of the area from academics to athletics and recreation.

EVERHART REZONING REPORT Draft 1 Owner of the Everhart Tract's request for 142 acres of his property to be rezoned from Agricultural to Single-family Residential. In addition a request to be included in the Regional Growth Boundary/Sewer Service Area has been made.