Financial Management of College Township

Financial Management of College Township

It is our hope that the following pages will not only provide you with an understanding of the financial position of College Township but also comfort in knowing that care is exercised in the investment and expending of tax dollars and in planning for the financial future of the Township.

5-Year Capital Improvement Program (CIP)
A very important tool for long range planning, the CIP provides a list of capital projects expected to occur over the next 5 years .

Annual Operating Budgets for College Township
The Council of College Township must plan for the township’s financial future to ensure that its inflows of resources (revenues) will be adequate to meet its needs (expenses), both anticipated and unanticipated. The needs involve the cost of providing an acceptable level of services for its residents as well as funding for operating and capital project expenses. This financial planning function underlies the entire process culminating with the approval of the annual operating budget.

Quarterly Reports
The Finance Department wishes to keep our residents up to date with the latest financial information. The Finance Director updates Council quarterly, and those reports are published here. You can also access the very latest information by clicking HERE (link to Financial Dashboard) for a quick snapshot.

Independent Financial Audit Reports
To meet the requirements of the Second Class Township Code, the Council of College Township appoints an independent certified public accounting firm to make an examination of all the accounts of the township for the fiscal year that runs from January 1 to December 31.

Financial and Other Policies
Click here to access policies that have been approved by the Council of College Township covering open records, change orders, capitalization and depreciation, disposition of personal property, personnel safety, and other topics.