Thompson Woods Preserve

Thompson Woods Preserve (TWP) is a 43.36-acre natural area consisting of trails and natural ecological features. This public preserve offers a unique natural setting within walking distance of the surrounding urban environment of downtown State College and the Pennsylvania State University. TWP property is jointly owned by College Township and the Borough of State College. The preserve operates under normal municipal park rules in addition to having specific regulations set forth to protect the natural habitat.

Encouraged Activities in TWP:

Thompson Woods Preserve is restricted to passive outdoor recreation use because of its vulnerability to perturbation and further disturbances that result from the surrounding urban development.

• Hiking, Walking, Running

• Nature study (birding, etc.)

• Scientific research (by permission)

Thompson Woods Preserve Aerial Map
  1. What is a Preserve?
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The purpose of a preservation is to protect the natural environment from the negative effects of anthropogenic activity. Nature preserves are land areas that are conserved to maintain and restore the natural ecological conditions within an urbanizing environment. Preservation is necessary because population increase and urban development poses a threat to the natural environment.

The Benefits of Land Conservation

• Protection of Water Resources

• Providing green spaces in urban environments

• Enhancing outdoor recreation opportunities

• Protecting fish and wildlife habitat


Smart Growth and Open Space Conservation

The Economic Benefits of Parks and Open Space

Conservation in Urban Areas

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