Drought Watch - How You Can Help

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has declared a statewide drought watch. While not required, residents and businesses are encouraged to voluntarily conserve water by reducing their nonessential water use.

College Township Water Authority (CTWA) is currently operating under its Drought Contingency Plan, which includes placing a voluntary restriction on hydrant flushing and expanding efforts to locate and fix any system leaks.

In the tabbed section of the page below, CTWA offers its customers the following suggestions on ways to conserve water: 

  1. Residential Customers
  2. Non-Residential Customers
  3. Health Care Facilities
Suggestions on limiting non-essential use and recommendations on water-saving fixtures and methods:
1. Locate and repair all leaks in faucets, toilets and water-using appliances.
2. Adjust all water-using appliances to use the minimum amount of water in order to achieve the appliance’s purpose.
3. Use automatic washing machines and dishwashers only with full loads. Preferably, wash dishes by hand.
4. Take shorter showers and shallower baths.
5. Turn off shower while soaping; turn off faucet while brushing teeth, etc.
6. Install flow restrictors in showerheads and faucets.
7. Reduce the number of toilet flushes per day. Reduce water used per flush by installing toilet tank displacement inserts.
8. Use sink and tub stoppers to avoid wasting water.
9. Keep bottle of chilled drinking water in refrigerator