Current Project - Centre Hills Village

Centre Hills Village Traffic Calming Plan: 

The link below will show the Final Plan for the speed hump placements on Oak Ridge and Shamrock Avenues: 
Final Plan - Centre Hills Village Traffic Calming

Phased  Construction Schedule: 
The traffic calming measures will be constructed in four (4) phases as shown in the following table and graphic: 

Phase #



Phase 1

Oak Ridge Avenue: 
Squirrel Drive to Dublin Street

Tuesday, August 1 
Wednesday, August 2

Phase 2

Oak Ridge Avenue:
Dublin Street to Country Club Road

Thursday, August 3
Friday, August 4

Phase 3

Shamrock Avenue: 
Country Club Road to Dublin Street

Monday, August 7
Tuesday, August 8

Phase 4

Shamrock Avenue:
Dublin Street to Squirrel Drive 

Wednesday, August 9
Thursday, August 10

Line painting associated with the project is scheduled to be completed during the week of August 14th.

*Please note: The schedule is subject to change based upon weather conditions and other contributing factors. 


Key Project Development Information:

In May 2021,  LTAC undertook a study of potential implementation of traffic calming measures within Centre Hills Village, specifically on Oak Ridge and Shamrock Avenues. The information below includes key past information on this topic: