Tax Information & Tools

To receive the 2% discount for payment of your College Township Municipal Real Estate Tax bill, the township must receive payment on or before Thursday, April 30, 2021. Please note the envelope must contain a valid USPS postmark dated on or before April 30, 2021. If you need a receipt, please provide a self-addressed stamped envelope or an email address. Should you have questions or need special accommodation, please contact the Tax Office at 814-231-3021, ext. Number 2201 or by email.

Under the authority of the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the governing body of College Township imposes the following taxes: Real Estate Tax, Earned Income Tax, Local Services Tax, Amusement Tax, Real Estate Transfer Tax, and a Parking Tax. The parking tax rate is currently set at $0.

To file your EIT taxes view the form through the Centre Tax Agency website. College Township does not process these taxes. Call 814-234-7110 for more information.

  • Contacts for Tax Information
    • Addresses and phone/fax numbers for the various offices appointed by the College Township Council to collect and administer the various taxes imposed on those who live and/or work in College Township.
  • Information for Taxpayers Residents and Non-Residents
    • Obtain thorough yet concise information on real estate, earned income, local services, real estate transfer, and amusement taxes.
  • Interim Tax Billing
    • Obtain information on the process and reasoning behind interim tax billing. 
  • Information for Employers
    • Employers with worksites in College Township are required to withhold an earned income tax (EIT) and local services tax (LST) from those in their employ. This section provides thorough yet concise information that will enable employers to comply with the Local Tax Enabling Act (Act 511), the Code of College Township, and the rules and regulations adopted for the administration of these two taxes.
  • Amusement Tax Registration
    • With limited exemptions, facility owners and parties conducting a taxable amusement in College Township are required to obtain an amusement permit, collect the tax, and timely remit the tax. In this section, additional information is provided as well as downloadable applications for temporary and permanent amusements.
  • Requests for Real Estate Tax Certifications
    • Find out how to request and pay for certifications of township and school district real estate tax payments for properties located in the township.
  • Tax Forms and Documents
    • Clicking above will take you directly to the section with links for filing and remittance instructions, tax forms, and reference documents.
  • Act 57 of 2022 - Property Tax Penalty Waiver
    • Act 57 allows taxpayers, who fail to receive a tax notice during their first year of occupancy, to apply for a waiver from penalties and additional costs from the tax collector. 
  • Tax Tools
    • Links to local tax information found on the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania's Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) website.